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About Us

Husband and Wife Photographers

We are a husband and wife photography team in Didsbury, AB. We have been married since 2007, and we would say that capturing weddings and people's stories is us realizing a dream.

Outside of our photography work we raise 3 mildly complex kids and one dog, Russ sells propane and propane accessories full time (he says that is a joke reference, points if you get it). We love our small town life and finding beauty in the little moments.

We strive to be deeply authentic in how we represent you, your day and your family as well as how we present ourselves. We strive to be our best in our work and as people, thus our photography comes with a "bedside manner" that is encouraging and real. 

We are both a complicated mix of extrovert and introvert. A big love for people and being with all kinds of tribes. We thrive in deep and meaningful moments, but recharge in a quiet environment just the two of us. 

Coffee, some wine and food for Russ are the tickets to our hearts. Simple enough?!


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Didsbury, AB  T0M 0W0



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we were together.

i forget the rest.

- Walt Whitman

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